When entering into the world of binary options trading, a trader has to learn and understand the art of trading so that he can earn well with each trade. As soon as the traders start the career in the trading business, they get a realization that there are not only benefits but also pitfalls that could be alarming and harmful. There are numerous traders who know this fact very well and are enjoying the binary options trading experience.
It is the reason why the traders I come across widely prefer binary trading over the forex or stock trading. What I believe is that   choice of the trader as to which trading field he selects. With the passage of time, the trader gets experience and knowledge in the trading world and starts earning hefty sum of money. Thus, the benefits and pitfalls of binary trading are entirely dependent on the type of trader.
  of binary options trading is a vital element that determines the outcome of the trade. Depending upon the type of the  , every trader or investor has a unique experience. If a trader is new to the world of binary options, then it acts as a pitfall due to the lack of experience and required knowledge that is needed for the right execution of the trade. However, it is not the ultimate truth, as the experts in the form of brokers are also present to help the amateur traders by proving the right guidance at the right time. 

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